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Cassa Florence


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Cassa Florence

CASA FLORENCE is a closed four-storey complex, situated in the quiet and surrounded by green space neighbourhood of Evksinovgrad, 4 km to the north of Varna, in close proximity to the former Evksinovgrad Residence,  belonging to the royal family in the past and at present used by the Bulgarian ministers and high-ranking officials.

The building is just 176 meters from the beach and the area in-between is primarily occupied by selected, century-old plants of the park to the Residence. The link to the city center and the northern international sea resorts St. St. Constantine and Helena as well as the Golden Sands is via the main road Varna – Golden Sands.

Located in environment full of lot of green plants, peace and tranquility, Casa Florence is an excellent choice for quality break from hectic city life as well as for year-round inhabitance. The clean sea air, the comfortable garden section with a small swimming pool, the rich floral landscape, designed based on the garden arts tradition of the beginning of 20th century and the pastoral surroundings around can make your and your family's vacation feel like a dream come true.

Lovers of active fun time will very much enjoy the stylish and authentic eating and entertaining establishments in the city of Varna and the nearby resorts as well the yacht marina and the fishing port that spread on the shore in front of Casa Florence.
The architectural exterior outlook of the villa is following the "contemporary-classic" architectural style, accordingly used materials are predominantly coming from natural sources.

Inside, the building boasts 15 spacious apartments, each one of area between 52.24 sq.m and 183.97 sq.m, rooms are well proportioned and each apartment is offering incredible sea view. Only premium materials have been used indoors, the colour combinations and the interior design specifics have accounted for latest trends and fashions in construction and interior design.

The apartment building has its own parking and 24-hour security.

All apartments will be fully completed inside, including cable TV, internet and air-conditioning.

Completion of the project: 30 June 2016.

About Evksinograd

Evksinovgrad Palace is situated on the northern part of the Primorski Park of Varna, on a narrow isthmus. It was meant to be a summer residence of Prince Alexander I Batenberg and built during 1881-1885

One of the most beautiful sides of Evksinovgrad is its park. It spreads on as much as over 550,000 sq.m from the total 800,000 sq.m of the entire Residence. Initially, the entire territory of the Trakata locality up to the Horn of Chatalash was fenced by a three-meter stone wall, totaling 3 kilometers in length.

At first, firs, cedars, cypresses, and libocedruses were planted around the greenhouses of the palace and in the park. They were followed by lavish roses, rhododendrons and azaleas that run down to the shore. The Martine's project for a vast coastal park included a collection of rare three species – from red oak to Atlantic cedar – which can only be found here on the Balkan Peninsula. A number of sequoia trees, brought over here from North America were also planted between 1914 and 1930.

In 1921 the Evksinovgrad park was officially transformed into a botanic garden and in 1992 was declared a heritage site of park gardening art. In 1935 the park was expanded by the German expert Zibenhuner. He made an "English garden" to the east of the greenhouses that is by itself a park zone with distinctive landscape planning and very wide diversity of tree and bush species.

A smooth extension of the palace in the direction of the sea is the garden with the lake widely known as "The Water Mirrors" after the fascinating optical impression of the floating water lilies on the surface of the lake. A statue of Neptune with some little angels is putting the final touch on this beautiful scenery…

In 1950-1953, the area of the park was further increased by 150,000 sq.m of former vineyards, orchards and vegetable gardens.

The park is a very unique ecosystem with hugely diverse collection of floral species that are of high botanic and scientific value.

Greenhouses. There are three greenhouses:

  • High- and low-rise palm tree greenhouses – built in 1890 and having been announced protected cultural heritage site.
  • French greenhouse – of arc-shaped construction designated for the produce of seedlings.
  • Dutch greenhouse – built during 1890-1893 and having been announced protected cultural heritage site.

Wine Cellar

The wine lovers would often come to Evksinovgrad, solely attracted by the famous local wine “elixir”. The popularity of the wine cellar is on par with the fame of the palace itself. It was made in 1891 to serve the royal family and its high-profile guests and spreads on as much as entire two underground floors. The biggest wine barrels would store up to 3000 liters! Today the output of the cellar is between 100 and 120 bottles a year. One can taste here 12 types of white wine, 10 types of red wine and 7 types of cognac, the most sought-after among the cognacs is the so called evksinyak.

Varna is a city in the North-Eastern Bulgaria, center of the namesake administrative region and municipality. Varna is home of around 5% of the country’s population. It is the third most populous residential place in Bulgaria.

The city hosts the headquarters of important government authorities like Marine Administration State Agency and the Admiralty Office to the Bulgarian Army. Varna is a major cultural center with prospering sea tourism and important transportation hub for all sea resorts at the Northern Black Sea coast. Evksinovgrad Residence is located within the city limits, in Primorski District, nearby the sea shore. During summer, it is the seat of Council of Ministers of Bulgaria as well as of the presidential institution.

A series of cultural events and happenings take place in Varna, out of them it is especially worth to mention: VARNA SUMMER International Theatre Festival, VARNA SUMMER International Music Festival, International Ballet Contest, VARNA SUMMER International Jazz Festival, LOVE IS MADNESS Film Festival, GOLDEN DOLPHIN International Puppet Theatre Festival, AUGUST IN ARTS, VIDEOCHOLICA, International Folklore Festival, Week of the Sea and many others. The city Museum of History exhibits the world’s oldest gold treasure, known as Varna Culture.

The city lies on the northern and western arcs of the Varna bay and the north-eastern bank of Varna Lake. To the south of the strait that connects the bay with the lake there are just two districts, Asparuhovo and Galata. The main industrial zone and the port of Varna with all its facilities lie on the northern bank.
The downtown with the historical center (the so called Greek Neighbourhood) and the city beach are further to the north-east. An agglomeration is slowly building around the city with the recent intense construction in the villa zones along the roads leading to Evksinovgrad-Golden Sands and to Vinitsa.

The city has already engulfed the summer holiday resorts St.St. Constantine&Helena (Sunny Day included) and Golden Sands. The residential areas of essential cultural and touristic significance near Varna are the northern village of Kranevo, town of Balchik and town of Kavarna.

The most extended periods of sunshine in Varna are during July and August - 331 and 313 hours respectively. The prevailing climate is suitable for growing a number of Mediterranean species like pomegranate, persimmon, kiwi, fig, bay, etc. Varna is also the right place for balneo-climate therapy for the weather here has valuable natural inhalant properties.

Payment methods

Payment in % Due Date
  2000 euro Reservation fee (this fee will be substracted from your total payment)
50% Signing the Preliminary Contract
30% In 3 months after signing preliminary contract
20% In 6 months after signing preliminary contract
In case of 100% payment you get 3% Discount.

The payment method is negotiable for further information please contact our agents.

Floor plans | Price list

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