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Casablanca Luxury Villa

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Casablanca luxury villa
Absolute beach frontline!!!

"Casablanca" luxury villa has a beautiful location – on the vary seashore of the romantic "Kavatzi" camping, situated on the first line to the sea. The virgin nature and the broad shore are unique not only for the complex, but for Sozopol as well.


Casablanca Luxury Villa - Google view Casablanca Luxury Villa - Google view


The bottom is comparatively hollow, the sea is calm and the muted noise of the waives and the incredible view of the horizon and the sea turn the summer holiday into an inforgettable experience. The bigger and more popular beaches are:

  • Beach "Kavatsite" - 99 727 sq. m. and 96 100 sq. m. of dunes
  • Beach "Alepou" - 237 739 sq. m. and 66 000 sq. m. of dunes
  • Beach "Harmanite" - 40 000 sq.m. and 14 280 sq.m. of dunes
  • Central beach of the town Sozopol - 18 220 sq. m.

The sand is from fine to medium grained, quartz predominantly. The beaches are mainly fed by washing out of terrigenic materials, primarily by quateernary, neogenic - intrusive, effusive metamorphous and sporadically core.

All these beaches guarantee you'll have plenty of opportunities to explore and have fun.

Tourism is a structure determining branch with possibilities for informative, eco and ethno tourism, yacht-tourism, hunting, sports and all kind of water and underwater sports.

Point of interest

Points of Interest A multitude of natural places of interest and reserves are located around the resort town:

  • People's park "Ropotamo and the Lilies" • Reserve "Snake's Island", where it is the sole deposit of wild cactuses in the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Reserce "Water Lilies" - it is famous for a big deposit of water lilies and marsh snowdrops growing amongst a forest of dense nature.
  • Rock formation "Lion's Head" - bizarre rock structure
  • The fiords of the peninsulas "Kolokita", "Alepou", "Limanite"

Sozopol is built up on location where and old fortress called "Apolonia" used to protect the area. Today the annual holidays of arts conducted in the town at the beginning of September bear the name of Apolonia. The luxury villa - Casablanca is situated right on the beach in a quiet and peaceful area in the central VIP zone. 200m from the reserve Sand Lily. The reserve is characterized by the biggest deposit in Bulgaria of sand lilies. This plant arouses well-grounded interest in tourists and countryside fans, if is tender with intensely smelling sweet blossoms. It is also known amongst the local population under the name of "sandy cream" and "sandy fairy". Due to the nature of their habitats and their rare beauty, some people call Sand Lily the "Queen of Sands" or simply "the flower of the dunes". Sand Lilies blossom in July and August, its blossoms are scarce, delicate and provoke justified admiration.


  • Thermal insulation on all external walls
  • Improved PVC gas insulated windows
  • High quality polypropylene water lines
  • High quality building materials according to ISO 9001:2000



  • High quality Floor and Bathroom Tiles
  • Martineli faucets and bathroom fixtures
  • Walls covered with latex paint
  • Floors are laminated
  • MDF doors

All apartments come with the furniture package - Ready for life!

Payment methods

Payment in % Due Date
  Payment plan 1 (during construction)
  5000 euro Reservation fee (this fee will be substracted from your total payment)
30% Signing the Preliminary Contract
30% Roof construction
40% Signing Title Deed (Deed 15)
  Payment plan 2 (when building is completed)
  5000 euro Reservation fee (this fee will be substracted from your total payment)
50% Signing the Preliminary Contract
30% To 3 months
20% To 6 months
In case of 100% payment you get 3% Discount (only plan 2).

The payment method is negotiable for further information please contact our agents.

Floor plans | Price list

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