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Cabana Beach Club

Floor plans | Price list

Floor plans

First floor

First floor A19A18A17Studio 1Studio 2A10A1112A13A14A15A16A8A7A6A5A4 A9 A3

Second floor

Second floor Studio 20A36A36A36A48A47A46A43A44A41A42A35A40A39A38S21A45A36A33A34

Third floor

Second floor Studio 48Studio 47Studio 46A50A51A52A54A55A53A56A5A8A5A7A5A57Studio 49A5A5

Fourth floor

Second floor Studio 68Studio 67Studio 66A69A70A71A72A73A74A75Studio 65Studio 64Studio 63Studio 62Studio 61Studio 76Studio 60Studio 59Studio 58

Fifth floor

Second floor Sutudio 85Studio 84Studio 83A86A87A88A89A90A91Studio 82Studio 81Studio 80Studio 79Studio 78Studio 77

Floor plans | Price list

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